When you get a ticket, you can take it back: The new rules

Auckland Airport is changing the way you can get your passport back.

The airport says that once you get your ticket and have arrived at the gate, you need to return it to the airport for a full refund.

But if you get into an altercation at the airport, it could take up to three weeks for your passport to be issued.

That means the Airport says it may not be able to issue a passport for another two weeks.

But that’s not the only thing they’re doing to stop ticket holders abusing the system.

The Airport is also introducing new procedures to help them weed out people who abuse the system, and also make sure people do not come in on their own.

New rules:You can no longer use a credit card to buy a ticket for more than three daysIf you buy a day ticket or a weekend ticket, the airline is asking you to use a card to pay for the whole ticket and not just one day.

Airlines are also taking steps to improve the customer service experience, including creating a website that will provide a “one stop shop” for airport customers to review all their information and contact the airline directly.

In addition, a new mobile app will be introduced that will be able be used to send feedback to airlines and other business in real time.

The changes to the way tickets are sold will be rolled out in stages, and then finalised in the second half of 2018.