How to tell if a quarterback is a “passing threat”

If you see the name “DeShone Kizer” on a stat sheet, you’re in luck.

Kizer is the most-passing quarterback in the NFL this season.

He ranks third among all QBs with at least 100 passing attempts.

He also leads all QB with at or above 100 yards passing, passing touchdowns, passer rating and passer rating on throws in the air.

He’s had just 11 games without a touchdown pass, a season low for a QB who has played in 13 games this season — and his passing touchdowns this season are tied for most in the league.

It’s hard to say just how good Kizer has been.

He played just eight games in 2016, and has played fewer than half the games this year than he did last season.

But Kizer is still a top-10 quarterback, and he’s led the league in passing yards in each of his last five games, and in the process, he’s also led the NFL in touchdowns.

Kizers top stats are as follows: Kizer ranks second in passing touchdowns (14) and yards passing (7,744) among QBs who have played at least 75% of their team’s games this seasons, and fourth in passing efficiency (86.8).

Kizer leads all quarterbacks with at most 200 passing yards and passing touchdowns.

He leads all NFL QBs in passing TDs (13), completions (12), complements per game (3.8), passer rating (79.6) and passer efficiency (80.1).

His QB rating is fifth among QB’s who have at least 80 passing yards.

Kizels top statistics are as follow: Kizels second-most passing touchdowns and passing yards are tied with Dak Prescott for most among all NFL passers, behind only Aaron Rodgers.

His second-highest passer rating is tied for fifth among NFL passers.

His lowest rating is third among NFL quarterbacks.

Kills by pass: Kitzes most career passing touchdowns have come by either a touchdown or a pick.

His 10 career touchdown passes to a receiver are tied tied for the most among quarterbacks with 20-plus passes, trailing only Rodgers (12).

Kitzel has at least one touchdown pass in seven of his eight games, including a career-high four games in Week 4 of this season (Week 6 vs. Cleveland).

Kizel is tied with Rodgers for most QBs to have at most 50 completions in a game this season, tied with Peyton Manning and Ryan Tannehill for the second most in a season, behind Russell Wilson (54 completions).

Kizel has a QB rating of 102.4 in six games this month.

In eight of his nine games this week, Kitz was 100.1.

Kits best game of the month was Week 11 at Seattle when he threw for 346 yards and three touchdowns, and added a pick to seal the victory.

In Week 13, he threw four touchdown passes against the Colts, including the game-winning pass in overtime that sent the game to overtime.

In his two games in the past six weeks, Kizer threw for 334 yards and two touchdowns against the Chargers, and rushed for another touchdown against the Raiders.

Kiss the ball: Kiza has been a leader in the locker room and on the field, and is the first quarterback in NFL history to have more than 50 receptions in a single season.

In 2017, he has 10.

Kiza leads the league with 11 touchdown receptions.

He is the second-leading receiver in the game in receiving yards (8,722), receptions (1,914), targets (1 (8) and total yards (3,858).

Kiza ranks fifth among all WRs with over 200 receiving yards and touchdowns.

In 2018, he had his best game in the red zone, when he caught four touchdowns on passes of 40 yards or longer.

He finished the season tied for second among all RBs in rushing yards and first in touchdowns rushing.

He tied for fourth in yards per carry and fourth among all running backs in the same categories.

He led the team in rushing touchdowns, receiving yards per game and yards per catch.

Kitz, at least, has put up the best numbers of any RB in 2018.

Kitzel’s top stats in 2018 are as followed: Kits best games of the year have come as a wide receiver, as well as a running back.

His 12 receptions in Week 6 were tied for third in the playoffs behind only Marshawn Lynch and Jamaal Charles.

Kiz’s eight touchdowns are tied in the NFC South for most by a wide receivers.

Kitiz has the fourth-most receiving yards in the postseason.

He has a touchdown in four of his past five games.

In the playoffs, Kiz had five touchdowns and one game-ending catch, while he also had two receiving touchdowns.

KIZ has at most one touchdown in seven games in 2018, tied for sixth in the Super Bowl era.

How to find the information systems program at UC Santa Cruz

The College of Information Sciences (CIS) offers a degree in information systems to help students become better IT professionals. 

The program’s website says the program “creates a broad foundation for the future IT workforce by providing an introduction to the principles, processes, and technologies required to develop and deliver information systems software solutions.”

According to the CIS website, students in the Information Systems degree are expected to have experience working with and supporting information systems (IT) systems.

The school’s website states the degree program is designed to “develop and enhance individuals’ skills in designing, building, and managing information systems systems and related software applications.”

According the CIS program website, “information systems (IS) professionals will be empowered by a combination of industry-leading coursework and a rigorous curriculum that provides students with the practical skills necessary to operate a full range of IT-related businesses.”

Students must complete the CIS degree by the end of their sophomore year.

The degree is accredited by the Council on Education and Labor. 

According to its website, CIS is “a not-for-profit organization, founded in 1988 by Dr. Richard E. Paine, a former president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

The CIS program is accredited for both undergraduate and graduate degrees by the accrediting agency for information systems at the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CEAS).”

The CIS program provides students the tools to pursue a career in information technology as well as the knowledge and skills necessary for success in a wide range of technical jobs,” the website says.

According to their website, the program also provides a “career path to the top of the job market.”