How the Trump administration is using technology to fight terrorism

Axios is reporting that the Trump White House has used the tools of the technology industry to fight the Islamic State.

The Washington Post reported last week that the administration is developing a new program to help local law enforcement agencies gather intelligence on terrorist threats and identify targets.

The administration has already started using the technology in several cities.

The Post reported that the program is called “Smart Cities.”

The report also noted that the U.S. has been conducting intelligence operations through drones, with some counterterrorism officers even using the aircraft to fly surveillance missions.

According to the Post, a key component of the Smart Cities program is a new technology called a “crowd-sourced” threat assessment system.

This system allows the U,S.

military to share information about threats from foreign militaries and individuals online.

The report said that the system was developed in cooperation with the private sector and is being used by law enforcement, intelligence officials and local police.

It is unclear what specific types of threats the Smart City initiative will help identify, but according to the report, the program will also help local officials develop a more targeted approach to countering violent extremism.

The Post noted that it was unclear if the technology is being deployed by the Trump government or whether it is being developed for other agencies.