Why Amazon won’t let you pay for lyrics to songs you don’t want to buy

Amazon has ruled out paying for lyrics for songs you won’t buy, but a new report says you should.

NBC News has obtained emails that show that Amazon’s policy of denying payment for songs isn’t the first time the company has ruled that out.

Last year, it said it would not pay for Amazon-produced songs, though it did offer a way to do so for free.

It’s unclear if Amazon will continue that policy this time around.

The policy also didn’t prevent customers from making requests for Amazon songs that weren’t in the queue.

But customers with requests would have to wait an hour or more before receiving payment.

Amazon declined to comment.

The news comes after a New York Times report revealed that Amazon is denying payment to users of Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal who want to request music they want to listen to but don’t have a subscription.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said that it is “not uncommon” for people to request a song from Amazon, but declined to say whether Amazon is in the process of doing the same thing.