When is a Google ad good?  – CNN

A new study finds that Google ads are often bad for consumers.

It found that in the first half of 2018, consumers spent $1.4 billion on ads for Google, according to an analysis by analytics firm comScore.

The study also found that ads are less relevant than they were in the same time period last year. 

ComScore found that Google ad spending on YouTube had fallen by 6% to $3.2 billion in the second half of the year.

And while the study also noted that Google’s ad inventory had grown by 4% to over $1 billion, it found that those same ads didn’t appear on more than half of YouTube’s videos.

The study also analyzed Google’s own search advertising, and found that the search giant spent an average of $1,800 per ad during the first six months of 2018.

That number has fallen to $1 in the past three months.

And it found an average cost of $7.99 per ad for every search query for the first nine months of the fiscal year.

“Google is investing billions of dollars to grow its search business and that includes increasing its advertising spending.

But, as a result, our analysis shows that Google AdWords and YouTube ads have become less relevant, and they are less likely to rank well,” Dan O’Reilly, CEO of comScore, said in a statement.”

This is not good news for consumers who rely on Google search to discover the best content, find the best deals, and search for the best jobs.

Our findings suggest that Google has taken a few steps in the right direction, but more needs to be done to ensure that Google Ads continue to deliver the best results for consumers.”

ComScore said the decrease in the quality of Google ads over the past year is likely a result of a series of changes that Google made.

It also said that the company will be making more effort to target consumers more accurately with search ads, as well as improve the way ads appear in mobile search results.

The researchers said that there’s no reason to think Google’s ads will be any better in 2018, and that consumers will be better served by opting for other search engines. 

“We believe that Google is doing the right thing by investing billions in improving search ad quality, but consumers deserve better,” comScore said. 

The study comes as Google is facing backlash from consumers who feel Google has done little to improve its search quality over the years.

Google said in an emailed statement to CNN that it “has not made significant investments in search quality in recent years.

And we have made a number of changes to Google’s search ad platform, including the recent introduction of a search engine ranking algorithm.

We continue to improve our ads and the search experience for consumers, and we believe that we have improved search ad performance for many years.”

Google said it will continue to invest in improving the quality and relevancy of its search ads and is committed to improving its user experience and the ad experience across all of Google’s products and services.