How to keep your dog safe when on the move

Dog-friendly spots in Sydney’s CBD and in Sydney West will be closed on Thursday, with police warning people to keep dogs off streets and avoid “trespassing”.

Dogs are banned from public parks and beaches, with dog-friendly areas being restricted to a specific area of the city.

A number of Sydney-based dog lovers have been sharing their tips on keeping their dogs safe on social media.

Dogs must stay on leash and only on a leash.

Dogs should never approach people, especially strangers, or strangers should not be allowed to approach dogs.

Pets must be in a well-secluded area.

Pet owners are urged to keep their dogs on a secure leash.

Pets are allowed on a short leash in public areas, but should only be allowed on short leash on foot.

Pets should not roam free.

Dog-friendliness guidelines in Sydney are set by the NSW government.

Dogs are allowed in parks, but are only allowed on footpaths and at designated dog parks.

Dogs can’t be allowed in vehicles or on public transport.

Dogs cannot be allowed outside on foot unless they are in a dog kennel or other designated area.

Dogs need to be leashed when walking in areas where people congregate, such as parks, schools and shops.

A police dog is trained to alert officers if a dog is running or is jumping on people, or if a person walks in an area with their dog.

Dogs may not be kept outside during busy times such as work, shopping or sporting events.

Pets can’t have their own kennels or kennelled pets can be taken from kenneled pets and kept in kennelling facilities.

Dogs, cats and other pets can’t share a crate or crate pad.

Dogs will be kept in a separate area from other animals, and cannot be kept indoors with other pets.

Dogs who break rules can be kicked out of the house and must be moved to another home, with the dog’s owner paying the veterinary bill.

Pet-friendly dog parks can only be shared with other dogs, and dogs must not be brought in or out of parks, or inside buildings, during daylight hours.

Owners must keep dogs on their property when away from home, and must keep pets inside their property, with only the owner’s dogs allowed inside the home.

Dogs and cats can’t play with each other.

Cats must be leash-free.

Dogs have to be on a separate level from other people, with owners allowed to leave their pets outside and only their dogs allowed in the house.

Pets cannot be brought into public parks.

Pets need to have their kenneling facilities inspected daily by a licensed veterinary practitioner.

Owners need to ensure dogs are on a proper leash, and that their kens are securely locked to the property.

Dogs on public streets, public transport and in parks should be on their own when off the premises.

Dog owners must not leave their dogs in cars, shopping centres, on public footpath or any other area where dogs may be visible.

Owners are urged not to allow pets to roam on public property.

A dog owner can also be issued with a penalty notice if their dog is found roaming the streets or in public.

Dogs that breach the conditions of a dog-free zone can be fined up to $300, and up to six months in jail.

Dogs found to be roaming on public grounds can be issued a fine of up to one hundred dollars.

Dog walkers and walkers can be asked to wear a muzzle, but must only be on the leash and on a dog walker’s feet.

Pets may not walk in or near public spaces, including schools, cinemas, shopping malls, sporting events, sporting clubs, parks, public toilets, public parks, beaches, public playgrounds, parks and playgrounds or other public places.

Dogs which break rules, including littering, aggressive behaviour, aggression, aggressive play, aggression towards people or animals, biting and scratching, digging and scratching are not allowed to be in public spaces.

Owners may be fined if they allow their dogs to be left unattended, with a fine not exceeding $400.

Pets which are on public parks are also not allowed in public places, unless a designated dog park is open, and only when the owner is on duty or in a designated area, with dogs on the premises only allowed when in designated areas.

A maximum of two dogs per person is allowed in designated dog areas, while dogs are not permitted on public roads.

Dogs at play, including walking, are not in designated pet areas.

Dogs allowed in dog kens must be on-leash, with their owner allowed to stay on-site and the dog kenny on-call 24/7.

Owners who allow their pets to be released in kens after hours must have a leash on-leave, and a collar on-lead.

Dogs in ken may be released if their owner returns the kenny home within 30 days.

Owners with pets on-duty may be asked not to leave